Meet Jerry

I have been hunting waterfowl for 25 years now. I decided one day that I wanted to make a quality handcrafted call that would be affordable and realistic in sound. I spent many months, in the trial and error state, until I finally perfected the right sound and style. I handturn every call one at a time so they are unique and original. Contact me if you are interested in my calls or have any questions.

Meet Josh

Josh began hunting at the age of ten. For years, Josh hunted everything, but waterfowling became his obsession. He spends all season long guiding waterfowl hunters, calling in competitions or working outdoor shows. Josh is the 2008 New Jersey State Duck Calling Champion and called in the World Duck Calling Championship in Stuggart, AR in 2008. He is a Pro Staffer for Foiles Migrators, and Big Foot Decoys. He can be seen in the following dvds: Fallin’ Skies 6, Fallin’ Skies 7 and Foiles and the Migrators Season 1. After hunting in Manitoba for three years, his dream came true.

Duck Jam

Duck Jam is dedicated to making your entire hunt and stay an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether you are hunting deer in the rolling hills of northeast, Mississippi or duck hunting in the Mississippi delta, our goal is your success and comfort. All of our hunts are 100% fair chase and we strictly abide by all Federal, State, and local game laws. Gun safety is a priority, we want everyone to return from their hunt safe and unharmed.

Duck Jam has over 20 years of waterfowl hunting experience and 35 years of white tail deer hunting experience. We have large tracts of land and comfortable accommodations for our guests to make their hunt and stay a pleasurable memory.

We also know what it takes to be successful in fair-chase hunting situations although we cannot guarantee 100% success rate. We will work 100% to try to fill every bag limit. Come to Mississippi and let Duck Jam Adventures serve your hunting needs.


Duck Jam adventures offers some of the finest waterfowl available in the heart of the Mississippi delta. . We offer a variety of hunting opportunities from field hunting in layout blinds, pit blinds, and sled blinds to green timber hunting. While hunting with Ms Hunting Adventures a hunter may have an opportunity to harvest nearly every species of puddle and diving ducks, also snow and speckle bellied geese are commonly taken.

Duck Jam Adventures also provides outdoor kennels for the sportsman who would like to bring his retriever. Also we welcome our hunters who would like to bring their own calls and call their ducks. We offer hunts with lodging and meals or meet up for a morning hunt.

Deer Hunting

Duck Jam adventures offers deer hunts in the rolling hills of Northeast, Mississippi. Mississippi holds one of the largest deer herds in the nation. Duck Jam adventures offers our hunters the opportunity to harvest what the state bag limit allows which is one buck and one doe per/day. Also the state of Mississippi allows the use of breach loading, single shot 35 caliber or greater replica rifles with exposed hammers and use metallic cartridges to hunt deer during primitive weapons season and a scope can be used on the rifle.